Jack Bacon & Company

Welcome to Jack Bacon & Company. Our mission is to utilize our years of experience to make our clients’ publishing dreams come true, to publish substantive works on regional history, to acquire authentic historical autographs, memorabilia and artwork for our clients’ collections, and to offer the highest possible quality of conservation picture framing services.

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Jack L. Bacon, a resident of Reno since 1975, was a student of original manuscripts, autograph letters and documents under Doris Harris of Los Angeles, California, a leading authority in the field. Since 1977 he has owned and operated Jack Bacon & Company and has engaged in the business of buying, selling and appraising authentic autograph material, regional works of art and historical collectibles. He studied rare books and book publishing under the tutorship of Herb Yellin, literary consultant, publisher and owner of Lord John Press of Northridge, California.
As a publisher and consultant, he has worked with three former presidents of the United States on book publishing projects: Gerald R. Ford, The War Powers Resolution: A Constitutional Crisis? in 1992 and The 38th President in 2001; Jimmy Carter as an advisor on autographed items, and George H.W. Bush, The 1990 Budget Deal and the No New Taxes Pledge. Jack has worked with numerous celebrities on various autograph projects, including: Dr. Edward Teller, Luciano Pavarotti, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Jane Russell, Mickey Rooney, Sam Elliott, James Arness, Stuart Kaminsky, Emmylou Harris, etc .